Changing Mindsets — An Important Step for our Youth

We all hold the responsibility of creating the best lives for ourselves and our families. Regardless of the obstacles and barriers in our lives, we are responsible for finding ways around them to have the life we want and deserve. Our youth are no exception to this reality. Through interactions with the youth, I realized that many young people are not aware of their power and responsibility to push past these obstacles to achieve success. Many young people are held back and put off by the multitude of issues in their lives. Not realizing their strengths and lacking the tenacity to persevere despite difficulties and setbacks has caused many to blame others and quit trying while settling for less.

Our education system’s shortcomings have failed to provide our youth with the essential life skills needed to persevere through the obstacles. In the household, learning opportunities provided by parents often fall on deaf ears with comments or thoughts that parents do not understand the struggles of today’s youth. Often, the education system’s failure and the inability to reach our young at home, causes them to turn to the streets or social media for information and guidance. These platforms can further distort our children’s minds, leaving them worse off and further away from the correct path.

Providing powerful messages that young people can relate to will motivate and empower while providing a roadmap to changing their mindset towards achieving the things they want in life. The mindset change allows the youth to realize that success can be a reality despite any shortcomings that may exist in their lives. In my life, changing my mindset allowed me to overcome a heavy stutter, the criminal temptations of living in a tough neighborhood, and racial obstacles. By thinking differently, I was able to excel in my law enforcement career, retire comfortably, attain the highest level of education, author and publish two books, and start two businesses to pursue my passions. Through changed mindsets, young people can have a reality filled with their own personal and professional quest.

Through my business, Forward Motion Life Success, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on empowerment, changing mindsets, and removing limitations, I speak and provide workshops designed for young people. One workshop, The 7 Principles of Success, has successfully guided young people towards continuing their education, pursuing graduate education and law school, transitioning into better careers, starting businesses, and achieving the successes they thought were only a dream.

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